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NANO SOLARSlays the foundations for a future of smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility, accessible by everyone, everywhere.NANO SOLARS offers a total ev charging solution from compact, high quality AC wall boxes, reliable DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems, we deploy infrastructure that meet the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility.

NANO SOLARS connected chargers enable fast global service and pro-active maintenance. NANO SOLARS has years of experience in creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.

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Ultra-Fast 600 kW

NANOSOALRS ‘ unique “Power Boost” technology means the 600 kW can optimally charge a bus in just 2-5 minutes. So your busses can run all day and a significant passenger capacity increase and cost reduction can be achieved.

Straightforward implementation meets future proof as the Ultra-Fast 600 kW comes ready for V2G and smart charging functionality.

A fast, user-friendly solution for single vehicle charging

250 A Dispenser Functional Design: The design embodies robustness and visibility. A large charging status indicator is viewable from any angle making it easy to monitor the charging process and manage charger availability

The DC outlet columns are designed specifically for use with Nanos base products in Combined Charging System applications

What are the Specification:

Charging standard IEC61851-1/21-2/23/24 DIN70121
Communication standard ISO15118-1/2/3 ed1 (incl. V2ICP/VDV261 support)
CCS plug standard IEC62196-3 / CCS type-2
Compliance and safety CE
User interface AT ONE SIDE
Plug mating force <75N
Cable length Standard 3 m, option 6.5 m / 10 m
Cable thermal protection Charge current derating based on connector temperature feedback
Human machine Charger status indication and button to stop
interaction charging session Optional RFID initiated unlocking and/or stop charging session
Environment SO 12944: C4 H
operating Temperature range -25 to 45 C,
Operational noise level derating may apply < 55 dB(A) @ 1 m IP54 / IK10 (column)
Protection IP44 (CCS plug)

CCS2 dc charging Gun

CCS (Combined Charging System) one of several competing charging plug (and vehicle communication) standards for DC fast charging. (DC fast-charging is also referred to as Mode 4 charging.

CCS1 and CCS2 share the design of the DC pins as well as the communications protocols, therefore it is a simple option for manufacturers to swap the AC plug section for Type 1 in the US and (potentially) Japan for Type 2 for other markets.

It is worth noting that to initiate and control charging, CCS uses PLC (Power Line Communication) as the communication method with the car, which is the system used for power grid communications.

This makes it easy for the vehicle to communicate with the grid as a smart appliance, but makes it incompatible with the CHAdeMO and GB/T DC charging systems without special adaptors that are not easily available.

An interesting recent development in the DC Plug War is that for the European Tesla Model 3 roll-out, Tesla have adopted the CCS2 standard for DC charging.

Comparison of major AC and DC charging sockets (excluding Tesla)


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