Net Metering


Net metering is a billing mechanism that actually credits solar system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. This can be further explained with the following example: if a residential customer has a solar energy system on their home’s rooftop, chances are it will or it should generate more electricity than the home uses during the day. If the home is net-metered, the electricity boxes meter will actually run backwards which in turn provides credit against what electricity is used at night..


A grid-tie system can be battery-less or have a back-up bank of batteries to store energy until needed. A battery grid-tie system can sell power back to the Grid. With a battery-less system, once the grid-supplied power goes out due to a storm, damage to the power lines, or utility malfunction, the user has no Power for normal loads such as lights, furnace fans, or refrigerators, loads which could be powered by batteries for a limited amount of time. Battery back-up will maintain comfort and circuits ….

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Guide Line

Consumer guidelines for Grid connectivity of Solar Rooftop PV systems on Net-metering

1.Generated energy from the SRTPV system is first consume

Generated energy from the SRTPV system is first consumed (self-consumption) by the loads of the building (lights, fans, appliances, etc.). If the SRTPV generated energy is more than the building loads consume, the surplus energy will automatically be exported to the Grid distribution network (the grid). If there is less solar energy generated than the loads of the building requirement, the shortfall energy will be drawn from the grid (energy import).

2.Who are eligible .?

Who are eligible .? domestic, commercial, educational institutions, industrial establishments etc with an existing electric connection

The rooftop/terrace must have easy access.

The rooftop/terrace must have easy access.

4.The Applicant shall install the meter of SRTPV

The Applicant shall install the meter of SRTPV system and bi-directional meter in separate meter boxes in the same proximity or at a suitable place in the premises accessible for the purpose of recording the reading..

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