Roof top solar power plants

Off grid plants with grid sharing technology

A PV module is the essential component of any PV system that converts sunlight directly into direct current (DC) electricity. PV modules can be wired together in series and/or parallel to deliver voltage and current in a particular system requires..
Grid interactive inverter is designed for residential, commercial and industry applications. The inverter can operate on both grid-tied and stand-alone off-grid operations.  When utility power is normal, the inverter can operate as grid tie inverter which converts DC power generated by PV panels into AC power for supplying to load.  When utility power is not available, the inverter can operate as backup power source to supply power from PV panels and battery.
Grid interactive system provide clean, reliable backup power in the event of a utility power failure.It can reduce energy consumption and save the utility cost, while maintaining the ability to use the renewable energy source during power outage.

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On grid Roof top solar power plant architecture

The following diagram gives the architecture of 20 KW strings. 5 strings are given in the picture. This architecture will be repeated to realize 100 KW to 500 KW capacity  plants. However the plant architecture may change depending in the site / Substation  capacity and the requirements of the client. It is an economical alternative to Diesel generators

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