Engineering Design

Nano Solars Engineering Design is the solutions throughout the Plant development lifecycle providing highest impact from a single vendor of mechanical design, electrical design, Civil-structure design and Environmental impact assessment. We offer integrated framework covering solutions from Concept-to-implementation solutions to end-of-life maintenance and support services. Nano Solars has a comprehensive portfolio of complex mechanical structural design and MW power plant engineering. Our extensive experienced team enables us to offer end-to-end offerings in this area. This makes us a unique, one-stop solutions provider for solar MW scale power plants.

Most engineering designs can be classified as inventions-devices or systems that are created by human effort and did not exist before or are improvements over existing devices or systems. Inventions, or designs, do not suddenly appear from nowhere. They are the Nano Solars result of bringing together technologies to meet human needs or to solve problems. Nano Solars design is the result for the task to complete more quickly or efficiently. Design activity occurs over a period of time and requires a step-by-step methodology, which Nano Solars has acquired with his experience team.

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